Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wish List

So I have been working away stitching my heart out but I have no posts yet (probably the only disadvatage to a round robin).
Progress is being made on my to do list: I have finished a square of HRH and started another, and I completed my turn on the RR for the next month (yeah!).
To keep my self occupied I have been spending time on 123 stitch...
This has resulted in many wish lists, all of which I continue to misplace. I figured the safest place for my list is the blog, at least then I can look it up when I am at the cross stitch store!

Pumpkin Stew (Shepards Bush) 7949

Home Sweet Home (Goode Huswife) 09-1372

The Prairie Garden (Drawn Thread) DR125

Spooky House (Xs and Ohs) 09-2192

Alphabet letters by Sweetheart Tree ("o" "b" and "j")

I have been so out of control lately these will need to wait until next month! Maiden

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