Sunday, August 8, 2010

Round Robin Begins...

The Ladies of the Mother, Maiden, & Crone blogspot have officially adopted a few rules of engagement for their first Round Robin ever. These rules may be subject to change...if need be. We shall see.

Rule #1: The Owner of the piece being worked on does not do the last section
Rule #2: All projects being completed should be approximately the same size (or smaller)
Rule #3: Each stitcher will stay within their specified space (no encroachment unless specialty stitches apply)
Rule #4: The time allotted for each session will be from the 15th of the month to the 15th of the month.
Rule#5: The stitched item will be placed in the mail on the 15th-earlier is OK if section complete.
Rule #6: The owner of the piece will post it upon completion.

Any other rules may apply as we discover them or write them. If changes need to be made that is "groovy" as well.


  1. I think we should go back and "label" our completed projects, this may be how they will show up in Google Image. I'm not sure but we might try it. The Crone

  2. How do we label? I would love for our stuff to appear in Google Images! I love this pattern, I think it should go on my wish list!

  3. Since we all have so many new projects going I have decided to post the first ever MAIDEN GOAL LIST: to be completed by 09-15-10

    1. Begin the Round Robin with the Mothers project

    2. One entire square of the Shores of Hawk Run Hallow

    3. Complete one of the two "Nice Clean Dirt" pieces (one over one is not my favorite right now, but it looks amazing!)

    4. 10 boxes (1,000 stitches) on Mother's Arms

    Whew, I have my work cut out for me! I hoping if I write it down I will be more inclinded to complete it!

  4. You go girl. I am hoping to just get some more of the tree done on the "Tree of Hope" prior to returning to work...and of course, once I get the Anchor's for the Maiden's Round Robin begin that piece.