Wednesday, September 22, 2010


After reading your post about Heaven and Earth Designs and spending countless hours perusing the website...I found myself coming back to the "Woodpecker Tapestry" by William Morris over and over again. It only has a 43 page pattern (don't tell Jimmy that I used up all of the new black ink cartridge he just bought). I agree this is a lifetime project and will probably take that long to get done. It is stitched on 25count, one over one, with a finished size of 14x24 1/2. And apparently the fabric doesn't matter because there is none to be seen. I am all for the SAL..but are you willing to wait 20 years for completion? I figure I retire in 18 and it'll take a good year of doing nothing but stithing to finish.


Heaven and Earth Designs is having a sale! I could not resist buying my favorite pattern "Pretty" by Nene Thomas. This pattern has always been my number one choice (I know it's crazy, but I looked at 5,000!), but after receiving a 99 page pattern from the same artist I started looking for an alternate. To my immense surprise this pattern was only 45 pages (if you condense all the end and half pages it is roughly 36 pages). All 0f the alternates were around 30 pages, so what is another 6 pages? I made a deal with myself, I could buy the DMC and fabric if I stopped buying HEAD patterns. So I giddily went off to Michael's and after 20 minutes at the check out spent an astounding $50.00 on DMC! There are 88 colors and 10 skeins of black! Now all I need is 25ct fabric and the endurance for all that one over one! This is the project of a lifetime and hopefully I will finish it during this one! I would love to do a SAL, Mother are you interested? The Maiden

Monday, September 20, 2010

Psyche's Dream

Here is one of the Heaven and Earth Designs I am considering, I just downloaded the chart from Josephine Wall. I was quite discourage by the last chart I purchased (99 pages all one over one), but to my delight this protect is a little over 13 pages (much easier to wrap my head around)! She has so many interesting patterns I may just throw a few more into the mix before I make my final decision....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Round Robin.......yummmmmm.

Here is my picture. Please note that all I have managed to accomplish is adding to the leaf (and the only reason that is done is because I worked a graveyard shift and was taking a break from all of the other things I should have been doing). I miss you and love you.
So this is my schedule for September, and October isn't looking too much better. Reagan has a test with a vision specialist this afternoon and the testing will take about an I will be bringing my Round Robin along. I am hoping to get some stitches in.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm Alive.

I am alive, just barely. I have been so busy lately my head is spinning. With an ever changing schedule and five kiddos to get off to school has been hard to get on the computer for 5 seconds, much less stitch anything. I should post a picture of my September schedule, and October isn't looking any better...I have managed to get a few stitches in on my edition of the round robin....good thing I have until October 15th. I love and miss you guys!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hawk Run Hallow August Box

Box one is complete! I decided to get a head start on the September box as well, it is the most intesive box of 12, and hay I have a little boat! The first box went really quickly, about a week, which is good because I haven't worked on this much since. 32ct Spice linen.

25 and counting...

Rest and be thankful. I am in a Thanksgiving mood, I hope to get it done this year. I started this in Carson last year and pulled it out a few days ago.

Night Creatures. I am missing the threads and the pattern, must not be meant to stitch it... Odd.

Mother's Arms by Mirabilia. I began in August and had an amazing week before I got distracted by the Round Robin.

Here is the last update of Atlantis, she is close so I won't post again until she is done. I am trying to find my passion for this again, but the searing headaches the fabric gives me is quite the deterrent.

The color is much better in person.

Let The Round Robin Commence...

Outrageous Owls by Glendon Place...32 count linen "Crystal Meditation". This is the Round Robin #1 Choice of the Maiden-completed by the Crone 9/15/10...this is one of three rotations for the owls. This will be the first of the Round Robin's to be complete!

The Crone's Choice for Round Robin #1. A Haunting Mermaid by Carriage House Samplings. The count is 32 done on OD Linen Vintage Sand Dune. Round 1 completed by the Mother 9/15/10. This the first piece of the sampler (one of six). All threads are Splendor Silks.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Potted Fancy still WIP

Coming along...back at work, so inconvenient for my stitching..ha ha. I finally printed a google image so I could match colors, the pattern is really impossible to read so I am winging it (no pun intended). Miss you guys. We need to post our Round Robin #1, since we changed the rules.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Morbid Fun


One year ago the Maiden Mother and Crone began this blog to connect what distance had separated. I cannot tell you what it has meant to me to share all that has been stitched and said.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious, it is the true source of art, science, and friendship."- Albert Einstein