Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm Alive.

I am alive, just barely. I have been so busy lately my head is spinning. With an ever changing schedule and five kiddos to get off to school has been hard to get on the computer for 5 seconds, much less stitch anything. I should post a picture of my September schedule, and October isn't looking any better...I have managed to get a few stitches in on my edition of the round robin....good thing I have until October 15th. I love and miss you guys!

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  1. We are exceedingly happy that you are alive. I don't know how you are doing it with five children, more or less working awful hours. I was amazed at my beautiful round robin that showed up yesterday...I love it. I immediately started working on my first letter and then realized it had been done with a single thread not double..tear out tear out...If you think you will need an additional month for the round robin we can make changes-you are the one with the most responsibilities...we can make due. Let us know what you want to do on that score and we will make changes if need be. If you could post your round robin you have now that the Maiden finished we will have our first three up and ready to peek at. Love you, The Crone