Saturday, July 4, 2015

To Dye for!

 The Mother has inspired me to try my hand at dying fabric, and I could not be more excited with the results!!!
 Having no luck finding a yellow fabric for my next project, I decided this would be my first experiment...
 I wanted the fabric to look more like apple cider, so experiment number 2...
 Who knew I even remembered how to work this thing!?! Hahaha
 And finally, the finished pieces! I was in LOVE with both of these pieces of fabric, but after I slept on it I decided to go with the one on the left (I think it will showcase the silvery moon better!).
 Here is my start of Moon & Spider, Apple Cider by Needle Work Press (the fabric really is more yellow gold in person, I need a better camera than my phone!). Stitched on 32ct ODL "Cider" by MMC Designs (also known as The Maiden!)
 What is a girl to do while she waits for fabric to dye? Stitch of course! Here is my start of Raven Queen by Mirabilia
And Toby, who has decided my stitching spot is perfect for napping!
The Maiden 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Carpe Subscalpo!

Seize the Needle!
I was in a car accident back in December and due to several bulging discs and tares have been unable to stitch because of the pain. I was discharged from my Orthopedic today, for he believes I just need time to heal naturally after 6 months of physical therapy, and I asked with concern "should I not stitch, since it causes pain?" to which he replied:
"No, stitch and feed your soul"
Inspired, I raced to my LNS and picked up the last of the materials I needed to start Raven Queen by Mirabilia. The second this project came out I knew I would stitch it, a haunting sense of familiarity is embedded in the image and descriptive prose.
 The Mother spent a whole week in town for work last month, so every night was filled with great food, good company and of course stitching! I started Mermaid Verde using all materials from my stash and plan to stitch Mermaid Azure facing her on the same fabric.

While at the LNS I spied the new Halloween Magazine! 
A sneak peak at 2 of the patterns contained within...
Yes, this truly does feed my soul! 
Finally, a small update on the Shores of Hawk Run Hallow. I have picked this up for when I experience Mira fatigue!
The Maiden