Wednesday, August 28, 2019

May-be a Finish!

May is complete from the Joyful World SAL!

The Conversion is listed below.
The Maiden

Monday, July 1, 2019

Peony Posted

Peony has been finished for quite some time (late 2018 perhaps), but it was not until someone asked me for my conversion that I realized I had not posted her on the blog!
She traveled with me to San Antonio where Nora Corbett herself saw me place stitches in the skirt (along with hundreds in the airport as she kept me company during a lengthy delay)!

I converted the majority of Waterlilies to cut down on the cost:
WL 066 - DMC 563
WL 269 - DMC 603
WL 072 - DMC 823
WL 196 - CC Razzleberry
WL 271 - DMC 988
WL 083 - DMC 3847

All those Garnet beads!

A note on the hair conversion: I had to stop after each color to asses where to go next, often times texting photos to the Mother for her opinion.

Hair Conversion (DMC):
938 - 310
433 - 3371
435 - 938
437 - 801
677 - 434
712 - 435
I was really excited with the final product and felt that I was able to maintain the highlights and appearance of the up-pulled strands.

Peony is so stunning in person, these photos really do not do her justice! The Maiden

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Sewing boxes and Crosses

The Crone has returned to stitching and this little Carriage House is the project that inspired her to pick up the needle again!

She has also spent some time crafting these sewing boxes!

Each one is so unique!

 This one is my favorite, but don't get any ideas as I have already reserved it! Hahaha , the Maiden

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Maynia Stars

I have wanted to start Cinnamon Stars by Plum Street Samplers for well over a year now and Maynia has given me the perfect opportunity!
This star was created using The Gentle Arts Dark Chocolate and Silk' N Colors Cinnamon Stick, 2 of my new favorites! They are so vibrant in person, the stitches seeming to float above the fabric as they subtly change in hue.

There is no method to my madness, no plan meticulously outlined for this month. Thus far I have managed to find new projects and old to entertain my nights, and all comprised of materials in my very own home. The Maiden.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Maynia Moon

Having embraced a more Vintage vibe as of late the moment I saw Moonlight Haunting from Blackberry Lane I knew I had to have it!
Stitched on 28ct Thunder Storm OD Linen using The Gentle Art's Gold leaf. There is a 3D quality to the threads on this fabric, similar to the effect that Night Creatures has. I now know it is due to this fabric!
I love how many new designers Maynia has exposed me to and this, like all my other starts, was kitted using only fabrics and threads from my stash. The Maiden.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Maynia Dared

What WIPs? Day 3 of Maynia has brought with it another new start, Enter... If You Dare by Cherished Stitches.
Stitched on 28ct ODL Frankenstein, a beautiful mix of greens and purples not evident in this photo. I decided to use a variegated silk called plum by Waterlilies for the boarder, but had to use 3 strands to get the coverage I desired. This fabric is challenging, the holes so wide my needle often slips out, slowing me down as I hunt for it beneath my frame.

Experiencing the high of a new start every day is addicting, I am not sure I will be able to refocus my energies on WIPs this month! The Maiden

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Maynia Blues (for fabric!)

I got all caught up in the excitement of Maynia and could not resist another new start!
Cedar Hill's Bouquet for June has been kitted in my STASH for years so I can take solace in having not spent any money on this start.  
Stitched on 28ct Zweigart evenweave chosen for it's beautiful cornflower blue color (which is unfortunately lost in this photo). Those French knots were unexpected and I adore them!

I had decided to leave off the alphabet and numbers, but worried it might look a little bare. Then as I stitched I knew exactly what I would do with it as my niece's name is Isla Rose I will turn this into a birth sampler!

I believe my cross stitch choice this evening was influenced by this fabric, which I am currently turning into a project roll.
The Maiden