Sunday, December 4, 2016

Trouble no More

It has been a long time since this blog has seen a cross stitch finish, but the Mother has put an end to our sad situation!  
Toil and Trouble by Plum Street Samplers.

She originally sent the photo with her ironing board cover peeking through and I loved it! Placing fabric behind a piece before framing could be an interesting way of complimenting the project!
The Maiden  

Friday, November 25, 2016

Patient Peony

Here she sits, patiently waiting for the day when I can resume the golden x's that will bring her to life.
Inspired by The Mother's Damask Roses (or guided by stitcher's envy!) I began The Peony Garden.
Stitched on 32ct ODLinen Pewter
The Maiden  

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Just Keep Swimming

Almost 2 years ago I was in a car accident, and I have struggled to find my way back to the needle ever since. Like many, I took solace in my hobby, and lost a valuable coping mechanism in a matter of moments. Gone was the ability to spend hours immersed in thought as I engaged in a visual and tactile feast of fibers and fabrics. Every few months I would try to stitch, and after a few meager crosses I would give in to the pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders. This project is the product of such attempts.
"Aphrodite" by Mirabilia, stitched on 28ct Lugana Opalescence

The fabric truly is the star of the show!
The Maiden

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Colonel

This could be the start of a beautiful relationship...
The Crone

Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Ghastlie Gathering

While the Crone has not been cross stitching she has been creating these wonderful embroidered designs!

These will be pillows from the Ghastlies line of fabric, we recently discovered while in St. George that the once retired line has been restarted!

We once traveled to 3 different states to buy this fabric, I am excited to see what will come of our obsession... at the very least I hope I will learn a new skill!
The Maiden  

Monday, October 24, 2016

NIght Creature

I am definitely getting into the Halloween mood, so I thought I would dig up a few past projects! After perusing the blog a few nights ago, I realized this Night Creature is one of my oldest WIPs, from the Gathering Place.
The Maiden

Monday, October 17, 2016

Which Witch?

When I am feeling lost, I often scroll through the pages of this blog. Each project reminds me of where I was in life and who I spent the many hours with stitching away with a cup of tea in hand.
I realized tonight that not only have my hands sat idle for the past 2 years, but so has the dialogue the Mother, Crone and I maintained through this blog. Time, distance, a lack of Wi-Fi, and an inability to stitch have created a void in this blog, and I will attempt to fill it with projects never posted and updates left unsaid.  
"Electra" by Nora Corbett
Stitched on 32ct ODL Limequat 
Hand dyed by myself
The Maiden