Monday, December 11, 2017

Merry Monday

2nd ornament done! Stitched on a piece of 28ct tea dyed Irish Linen from Michael's (this girl is on a serious budget) and I LOVE it! 

Pie tarts for the finish were delivered today! The Maiden

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Stashing Saturday

The moment  you  realize The Crone  has  given  you all  your  Christmas  decorations!
The Firehouse and My House join the others from Little House Needleworks Hometown Holidays.

Cricket Collections 109, ebay find! I saw this little guy completed with dry flowers in his beak. 

Next start in my Veronique Enginger series.

Latern Lane ( finally!), anyone else take advantage of the black Friday stitching sales? The Maiden

Monday, December 4, 2017

Merry Monday for 2!

Last year I started a new tradition, a handmade ornament for my tree. Since I returned to stitching this year I felt it only fitting that my 2017 Ornament should be stitched! 

Now to stitch it twice more (sisters tree is waiting and an ornament exchange looms) and figure out a finish!

The mother framed her completed Miss Christmas and I am enraptured, she just went to the top of my start list!

The Maiden

Monday, November 20, 2017

Merry Monday

Mondays have become the most dreaded day of the week for me, so I decided to add a little holiday spirit to the day that marks the end of my weekend!

Merry Mondays will be reserved for holiday stitching, which will mostly be consumed with my 2017 ornament, but hopefully I can finish this long languishing peice from the Cricket Collection. I started it on 36ct which was too challenging even before my accident so it sat untouched. Maybe 1 day a week is just what this project needs to see a finish! The maiden 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Poisoned Plans

I have jumped on the posionous plant bandwagon! The Crone has purchased Nora's 2 new posionous pixies, the Mother Chatelaines Hortus Venenum the Poison Garden, and I have started Hellebore by Veronique Enginger a French designer who used antique prints as inspiration.

I am entranced by her designs and agonized over which one to do, until I decide to throw out all my plans and stitch the majority of them!

Her designs will become the backdrop to my stitching for the next few years, so in order to get some of my previous projects completed I created Finish Friday.

I will also devote 1 day a week to seasonal stitching, but more on that tomorrow! The Maiden

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Stashing Saturday

Didn't I  mention I  was  stashing like there was a Stitchers Apocalypse? 
The Mother found this OOP chart for me and I was so excited!
I bought Snow Angel to match Halloween Resurrection. 

Who can resist a cat tart?

I love little house needleworks hometown holidays! I had to limit myself to pie diner, bookstore, florist,  railway station and sweet shop but there will be more to come!

As soon as I can obtain the threads this Twin Sampler will get a start!

Ghoul Tidings ties things up!
The Maiden

Friday, November 17, 2017

Finish Friday First

I pushed so hard to finish this project and now I feel so forlorn at it's completion!
Let it Snow by Barbara Ana Designs stitched on 28ct Jobelan Dusty Green.
I modified the flower in the vase, the charted version was 2 large blooms and I thought it was too heavy for the tip of a scissor!

I love the detail of the tiny pair of scissors she holds.
Finish Friday
I currently have 40 WIPs, am stashing like there is a stitchers apocalypse and have recently come across a series of projects that will take years of focus to complete (more on that later). As my primary focus will be this mystery project I have devised a plan to rotate in other WIPs.
Finish Friday was born from the idea that I will work on the project in my pile that is closest to completion.
Next Friday I will resurrect the Kiss for beading and then plan to tackle Night Creatures.
The Maiden