Friday, July 22, 2011

Bird of Paradise 11-Courtney Collection

Didn't want you to think I haven't been stitching all along. This is a new start (have about 4 sittings in on this one). I was hoping to have done by the time I go back to work (school) in August..but we shall see. I have started a couple more besides, but those will have to wait. As soon as I get back some that are at the framers I will have quite a few to post. The Crone

Most outragous quilt of all "Wild Flowers"

Took two summer vacations just to cut out all the pieces. My friend's mother has the big Bernina that does the embroidery so that was a blast to get to play with. This will hang on my bedroom wall (too many puppies sleep on my bed for it to EVER end up there). Since I didn't put up the five quilts I made for Xmas this year..thought I should get these on before I gave them away or something silly like that.

Avatar Quilt

This was going to be a "Blended Borders" quilt, but the colors were so outrageous that it would have just been too much. The maiden and I both call this the Avatar quilt because it totally reminds us of the plant life on Pandora. You go James Cameron. The Crone

Still have some binding to do.

Stitching and quilting...

This pattern is a fussy cut quilt called "Focal Point by Sew Be It. It has been done for sometime, so thought I would add it to the many postings lately so that my fellow stitchers know that I didn't fall off the face of the planet. The Crone

Monday, July 18, 2011


This is the start of "Love" by Dahlig, Finally! I am a little over 1,000 stitches (all black silk, love the coverage), a modest start but I was in Denver, CO all weekend visiting my best friend. I did sneak in a few stitches while we were catching up on Harry Potter before the last movie was released.

Page 3 of "Pretty" by Thomas is started! I worked on her a bit this weekend as well while I waited for my fabric to arrive. This is my second Hermit and Stitch Weekend and I am so excited to see everyone's progress on the Random Ramblings blog! The Maiden

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Bear of a Start

I know I am out of control, but when Heaven and Earth Designs released this new chart by Dahlig yesterday I lost my mind! Within minutes I had purchased it and ran to the cross stitch store after work to get fabric. Alas they were out of the 25ct Lugana I wanted so I will have to wait until Saturday!

The delay did allow for some experimentation however. I am not happy with the way DMC 310(black) looks on 25ct, the white fabric pokes through in the most annoying way! I could do 22ct with 2 strands of DMC, but then she will be huge! 28ct seemed just too small (I am starting to sound like Goldi Locks). So I took out Pretty by Thomas and tried substituting the DMC with silk, and it was just right! The Maiden

Friday, July 1, 2011


I decided to take advantage of the last Heaven and Earth Design Sale until September. First up is Oceania (somehow the girl that never wanted to stitch a mermaid has become the queen of them!) and then Asiria by Nene Thomas (she reminded me of my favorite character from Game of Thrones on HBO). The Maiden