Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Umbrella Sky Page One!!!

 Here is the first 7,800 stitches of Umbrella Sky! I am really happy with the look of the tent stitches on 25ct with 3 strands and the coverage! The red is really vibrant in person!

 I tried to be impulsive last week and buy a system 4 (despite not having found a full time job yet), but my LNS was missing a piece so  I will have to wait. Sigh, hopefully it will help with my neck injury. I had an MRI this morning and it was terrifying!
 Laminated key with all the symbols on one page has made life so much easier!
Does anyone have any tips for how to secure the thread in confetti heavy areas where the symbol may only be used once? I cannot bury the thread like I would with full X's and the only solution I could think of was to knot it (which worries me, having a concentration of bulk thread on the back of the fabric only in certain areas). Any tips would be appreciated!
The Maiden

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More Beading?

 Peyote Cuff "Taking Flight"
This pattern was much more difficult than the last and was done as a commission for the Crone. I still cannot stitch (physical therapy continues) but at least I am one step closer to a System 4!
The Maiden

Monday, February 2, 2015

Not Cross Stitch?!?

Still no stitching for this girl, sigh! "The Mother" was in town last weekend and we ran a muck at the cross stitch store and the bead shop!  
Bead Shop? Yes, last Summer my own mother persuaded me to try a new hobby with her and this is the result! I beaded this bracelet for her 50th birthday, and will never complain about beading a cross stitch project again!
Here is the start of the second bracelet, a commission my mother purchased after my aunt saw her bracelet. Hopefully one day I can make one for myself!
The Maiden