Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Umbrella Sky Page One!!!

 Here is the first 7,800 stitches of Umbrella Sky! I am really happy with the look of the tent stitches on 25ct with 3 strands and the coverage! The red is really vibrant in person!

 I tried to be impulsive last week and buy a system 4 (despite not having found a full time job yet), but my LNS was missing a piece so  I will have to wait. Sigh, hopefully it will help with my neck injury. I had an MRI this morning and it was terrifying!
 Laminated key with all the symbols on one page has made life so much easier!
Does anyone have any tips for how to secure the thread in confetti heavy areas where the symbol may only be used once? I cannot bury the thread like I would with full X's and the only solution I could think of was to knot it (which worries me, having a concentration of bulk thread on the back of the fabric only in certain areas). Any tips would be appreciated!
The Maiden


  1. I am using cut away knots for those areas. Tie a knot and go in from the front in a non stitched area, and as you fill in the stitches around they catch the thread on the back and secure it. Then snip off the knots in the front. If you scroll back to my Justice HAED, you'll see what I'm talking about. ~ Ren

  2. I love your work! I really like "Umbrella Sky" except for the flying fishes, I do prefer more realistic paintings, but this one looks really great. On another blog I saw the finished work, and it really jumps out of the frame.

  3. I use the pinhead stitch I start even on smaller count fabrics.

  4. When I tent I either use a loop method (but then I only use two strands, which makes that a lot easier), or I do sometimes leave the threads loose and they get tied in later by the other threads