Sunday, March 8, 2015

System 4

After receiving disturbing MRI results that explain why I have been unable to stitch I decided I deserved a System 4 cross stitch stand! A girl needs her stress relief! I was able to stitch for 4 hours today (not sure if I overdid it...) and completed all the stitching on Undine! 
 Here is a shot of the system 4, much easier to use than wooden stands and my posture was the best it has been since I began stitching! The strain on my neck was almost completely alleviated and I was much faster for I started stitching with 2 hands! Mother you were right, the right hand does belong on the back of the fabric.
Here is my lovely stitching assistant Lane, he must investigate everything!
The Maiden


  1. Isn't it amazing how a good stand will make ALL the difference? I just bought a K's, and I love it. I can adjust it to exactly where I want it to be and I can two hand stitch for hours.
    Best investment ever!

  2. The right hand belongs in the back!? Is there a particular reason why? I usually stitch with my right and have my left hand at the back.

  3. I'm glad that this stand is easing your pain and that you can stitch again!

  4. Beautiful work! Happy the stand is helping you!