Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010


I have recently been looking for something smaller to work on...I purchased a biscornu from my favorite Ebay account and then the maiden and I went to the our favorite Stitcher's Paradise and found a few patterns. I am including a really cool step-by-step on how these are put together as to give us all a small lesson (must be a teacher thing or something). Since I don't have any project finished (as of yet) I felt my contribution should be something-I was sad.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The beading has begun, but I decided I'm not going to post a picture until the "Lady" is complete.


Stitching for hours on end for the Spring Queen and not seeing any real progress or light at the end of the tunnel can be daunting. Normally I would jump to another project, but which one? With my recent completion of 2 I was left with 11 projects all in their infancy. So on a Saturday morning 2 weeks ago I awoke with the sudden urge to stitch a mermaid. Maybe some Krenic would cheer me up, but which Mermaid should I choose? Currently there are 3 started and one waiting that the Crone gave me for Christmas. So driven by something I could not explain I chose the one that was the least completed, Mediterranean Mermaid. When I picked her up I had only the green tip of her tail completed and now as I hope to finish her hair today I eagerly rushed to the cross stitch store to buy the multitude of beads it will take to complete her. I never thought my desire to have a break form the Queen would result in finishing a project!

Note: Unknown to me the Crone had also picked this project up the same day. This is the only project we are both doing, and she wanted to surprise me by catching up and finishing the green portion of the tail. Eerily this project has sat untouched by us both since August.

Keeping Busy

While the crone has always owned the four Queens, I have never expressed an interest in them until I came across the Spring Queen in someone else's blog. I knew I had to have her completed and to add a little extra challenge I am cross stitching her on 40ct. There are several things I have learned after the 109 hours I have put into her: to create a blend when only using 1 strand to stitch with you must complete all forward slashes with the darker color and all back slashes with the lighter, all beads must be converted to Petite Beads, and finally that I have joined the crone in needing "extra eyes" for this one. Yes, after several migraines I broke down and now stitch 40ct (and consequently all 1 over 1 projects) with magnifiers. True to my nature they are rinestoned glasses! The Maiden

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Up Next.......

I thought about the others...but after I went back and looked at all of the patterns I have....I have to finish her. She's gorgeous, and I'm excited to work with all of the ultra bright colors after all of the muted greens on "Lady". By the way, I only have a couple more hours of stitching on "lady" before I can start beading. Her dress is complete, just finishing up the ribbons on the bottom right and have to finish the frame.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Making a dent

I have actually made a little more progress than this, but since my camera was working for a minute I thought I should upload something...I have really missed having something to post. Miss Joy Joy should have a few pictures of her own to share pretty quick. She is working like the wind (as usual)..So, since I must keep up with the Jone's...or should I say the mother and the maiden, I guess I had better get stitching like mad as well!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The End is Near

I have all of the green in her dress done. I have to fill in the grey shadows and the dark purple swirls. Once that is done........ smooth sailing til the end.
You know, until I have to start beading.

Monday, January 11, 2010


I have 3 days, the kids are at school, my man is at work and I am dedicated to stitching my heart out. I will post a picture Wednesday night to show my progress....the dress is almost done. I see beading in my near future.