Sunday, January 24, 2010


Stitching for hours on end for the Spring Queen and not seeing any real progress or light at the end of the tunnel can be daunting. Normally I would jump to another project, but which one? With my recent completion of 2 I was left with 11 projects all in their infancy. So on a Saturday morning 2 weeks ago I awoke with the sudden urge to stitch a mermaid. Maybe some Krenic would cheer me up, but which Mermaid should I choose? Currently there are 3 started and one waiting that the Crone gave me for Christmas. So driven by something I could not explain I chose the one that was the least completed, Mediterranean Mermaid. When I picked her up I had only the green tip of her tail completed and now as I hope to finish her hair today I eagerly rushed to the cross stitch store to buy the multitude of beads it will take to complete her. I never thought my desire to have a break form the Queen would result in finishing a project!

Note: Unknown to me the Crone had also picked this project up the same day. This is the only project we are both doing, and she wanted to surprise me by catching up and finishing the green portion of the tail. Eerily this project has sat untouched by us both since August.


  1. She is amazing. I might have to stitch her. I love the tail, I looked up a couple of finished ones online and I think I will probably have my mom send me the pattern when she's done... of course I have my new one from you to do to....HMMMM I might have to go the way of the maiden and start 25 projects at once. And Jimmy just told me "what about the light houses?" .... I need to make a trip to craftmart. I miss you guys, when are you coming back up....we'll have to plan a mother/maiden/crone stitching weekend.

  2. Let's make a plan and make this happen. I can send you the one I have already..a few stitches already in place..have all the stuff anyway, I could send my craziness on to you, not a problem. Are you looking for lighthouse cross stitch patterns, there are you need help finding some, or do you already have the one(s) you need? What time would work for you in the up and coming future for a girls' weekend?

  3. I have one lighthouse pattern that I'm planning on doing for him, plus the police bear.... but I'm always game for any new and exciting patterns you may come across... Jimmy and I have plans over presidents day weekend. The kids will be in Vegas, so we are going to spend some much needed one on one time together, but other than guys schedule it and I'll figure it out.