Monday, August 31, 2009

Sweet Pea

The moment this pattern was released I began to stitch. The vibrant colors and maternal undertones made this an easy choice for my first botanical. Wingless and Brunette, Naturally.

The Maiden

This is my first completed Mirabilia "Deepest Love". I was sick in bed for a couple months so she was completed from January 1 to March 3rd. Don't want to be sick again, but I would really like to cross stitch like that every day!

The Crone

Waiting for Ships

This is my work in progress. Waiting for Ships will be a complementary piece to Deepest Love. But there still could be more. We, the compulsive obsessive members of Mother Maiden Crone do already own every Mirabilia pattern that has to do with mermaids.

My first Pixie Couture Collection

This is "Ivy". I chose her because I want to do as many of the botanicals as possible.

The Crone Speaks

The stitches we choose are more than an art form. They represent varying threads of the tapestry of our lives. Why do we choose the fairy, or the mermaid, is there a reasoning behind them? As Carole King once sang, "My life has been a tapestry of rich and royal hues, an ever lasting vision of an ever changing view...a wondrous woven magic."

Mirabilia Lady of the Mist
This is a work in progress, started in early March. (I'm still trying to pinpoint the exact date).

I have to finish pulling the dark part of the ribbon on the bottom right. Note to self...cross stitching while tired is BAD! I put in about 30 minutes worth of the wrong color......

My first Mirabilia. Blackbeards Princess
(this one only took 3 months)

My first completed cross apple sampler, it only took me 12 years. *note the start and end dates in the center.*

Sunday, August 30, 2009

In the beginning, it started as a common affinity for cross stitching. It has become an obsession and now that we are scattered across the west, this is our vessel to share our work. The maiden, the mother, and the crone. Three parts of a whole, bonded together in cross stitch.