Friday, March 28, 2014

Tree of Hope

Another commissions is done!!!
Tree of Hope Mirabilia
 Tree of Hope by Mirabilia. Stitched on 28ct OD Linen Crystal Fresco. 
Tree of Hope
 I had stitched the 2 women as a Christmas gift for the Crone a couple of years ago.
Tree of Hope
 The beading on this was an unexpected challenge, large jumps and time consuming. This little bird took 3 hours!
Tree of Hope
 Hi little bee, he cracks me up!
The use of waterlily silks was extensive, The Crone did an amazing job of "painting" with them to create the tree! On to my last commission... or is it?
The Maiden.

Friday, March 21, 2014

2nd Commision Finish!!!

Red Skies at Night, by Nora Corbett. 
Red Skies at night
 32ct unknown fabric.
 Pattern can be found in this book.
This was not an intuitive stitch, the boarder really slowed me down. I do love the large beads though!
The Maiden. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Letter's by Nora - "R"

I thought I should post some pictures of my second finish this year, I jumped the gun and posted my framing first, but I got excited.  Anyway,  here are a couple of pictures of "R" - she was super fast and easy to stitch.  Stitched as charted with the Crescent Colors on 32ct jobelan - Waterlily.  Total stitch time, approximately 12 hours.

Pin and Lace!

So I recently finished up a couple of small projects for my girls, and since I was unwilling to lop off a leg to have them framed....I took to the web and found an amazing tutorial on how to pin and lace my needlework by Janet Cottrill: .
I haven't looked back since; I was able to frame both of these beauties for under $20 each!!!  Thank you Janet!!!!


I have finished my first commission for the Crone!
Violet by Nora Corbett.
Violet Mirabilia
 This beaded band on the bottom of her dress was labor intensive, but worth it! I was crossing my needles hoping they would all lay nicely in a row!
 I normally do not stitch wings... but I love the beading on these!
Now, which commission to start next?
The Maiden

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hallmark tree

I finished the project a while ago for my father, it is a special order "Hallmark" tree by M designs.
stitched 32ct opalescent white.

Every year for Christmas my dad takes out what he calls "my first cross stitch," a tattered, coffee stained green string and white cardboard Christmas Tree with gold glitter balls and a silver star.
I though I should make him an actual cross stitch replica this year, using the family name.
The Maiden.