Saturday, January 24, 2015

Silver Moon Tea

I finally hung Silver Moon Tea in my kitchen, and found inspirational words for under a dollar at Walmart to balance out the wall!
"Believe... all things are possible if you believe"
The Maiden

Friday, January 2, 2015

Out with a finish in 2014 and in with a Chatelaine in 2015

Well first let me show off my last minute finish of 2014 - Nora Corbett's Buttercup on Picture this Plus Pampas (28ct)- I switched out the gold beads on the bottom of her wings to Mill Hill 02104, a green, I wanted to make her more botanical.

I have also decided to jump off the Chatelaine bridge in 2015.  I just purchased "Summer in Holland" and am waiting for it to arrive.  It's going to take a few weeks to kit it up - I have to spread out buying all of those amazing silks, but once I have all of the pieces - Watch out 2015.  <3 p="" ren="">
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