Friday, March 25, 2011

Atlantic Seaboard WIP

So after working ridiculous 12 hour shift and trying to get ready for my new dispatch academy that starts in two weeks I finally just said "forget it" and snuck in some stitches. I think my favorite part of this pattern are the stories that go along with every row (I am currently working on row 15, out of 33.) This pattern represents the Canadian Atlantic Seaboard. I have learned that the Anne of Green Gables house is in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island (who knew she was Canadian?) That Irish moss is red algae that is gathered or raked on the beach from the surf after storms and is used to thicken toothpaste, shoe polish and ice cream. Dulse is a coarse red seaweed that is dried and eaten like potato chips. The Atlantic Canadian coast has an abundance of wild flowers in the spring, including heather and thistle (neither one native to the land- but both transplants from Scotland). And that "Nova Scotia is the Christmas tree capital of the world. In 1917 a massive explosion nearly destroyed Halifax, Boston sent millions of dollars worth of aid and supplies. In gratitute the people of Halifax presented Boston with one of its finest trees to serve as the city's offical Christmas tree in Boston Common. And every year since, a special Nova Scotian tree is selected and shipped to Boston to show the province's thanks for its neighbors help in time of need."

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mirabilia Mermaid of Atlantis

The curse of the Mermaid has receded back into the murky waters where it sprang from! At last, a finish. Stitched on 32ct Laurel Linen, 6 days of beading. I substituted the coat of arms for a modified seahorse from Bluebeard, felt more organic to me and you know how I love to change patterns!

The treasure took 3 days of beading! While beading, backstitching and blends are not my favorite, it was worth it! Atlantis is the 3rd addition to my School of Sirens. The Maiden.

Mirabilia Venetian Opulence

4 rotations, missed 2. The fan is finally done, now if only I could get passed all that pesky skin! Sadly 3 of the 5 Mirabilias I choose for this cross stitch rotation need work with the boring flesh tones! She is not as far as I wanted, but progress none the less. The Maiden

Mirabilia The Lovers

4 rotations, none missed, and I snuck in 2 extra days! This project is the most surprising for me. I added it in because it is my oldest Mirabilia WIP, but I did not want to work on her (I was upset with the fabric choice 28ct and it is not even an overdye!). After I collected all the odds and ends (this poor neglected project was strewn about my closet in such disarray that I almost gave up before I started)I found a stride and cannot wait to see it completed. The beading on this one will make all the difference! The Maiden

Mirabilia Sabrina

4 total rotations, none missed, and she is finally more than a floating head! This is the most intimidating piece I added to the rotation, she has so far to go and there is 6 skeins of white! The Maiden

Mirabilia Lilac

4 week update, missed one rotation. The flowers on this are going to slow me down, so much confetti stitching! I was really excited after I finished the first 3, they will be so cute with beaded centers. The Maiden

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stitcher's Verse

(The following was posted originally by Nance on the HAED BB)

Cross-stitchers are a different breed
The things we hope for, the things we need.
We wish for floss to finish that row.
We sometimes wish our guests would go.

We wait all day for that time to be
That special time- that time for ME
Each needle is threaded, the colors arrayed,
Scissors and chart have been carefully laid.

Now we relax, this is our pleasure
Stitching this piece of soon to be treasure.
We always ignore that mental warning
Stitching all night makes it rough in the morning.

But time's unimportant, we don't need clocks
We just need floss and a Stitcher's Paradise box.