Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mirabilia Venetian Opulence

4 rotations, missed 2. The fan is finally done, now if only I could get passed all that pesky skin! Sadly 3 of the 5 Mirabilias I choose for this cross stitch rotation need work with the boring flesh tones! She is not as far as I wanted, but progress none the less. The Maiden


  1. You are so much farther along then I am....I guess I need to pick her up and start stiching along. I just can't briing myself to get through the fan.

  2. It is just like the arch, you have to push through. (I was so intimidated by it that I stopped working on this project all toghether, I found once I restarted that working on it in turns helped).

    I think things will progress much quicker now that the fan is done, I just kept telling myself "you can stitch all that pretty green once you finish this fan!" Very motivating.