Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stitcher's Verse

(The following was posted originally by Nance on the HAED BB)

Cross-stitchers are a different breed
The things we hope for, the things we need.
We wish for floss to finish that row.
We sometimes wish our guests would go.

We wait all day for that time to be
That special time- that time for ME
Each needle is threaded, the colors arrayed,
Scissors and chart have been carefully laid.

Now we relax, this is our pleasure
Stitching this piece of soon to be treasure.
We always ignore that mental warning
Stitching all night makes it rough in the morning.

But time's unimportant, we don't need clocks
We just need floss and a Stitcher's Paradise box.


  1. Sad little blog.... no updates to be seen! Hopefully in the next few days I will post a FINISHED Mermaid of Atlantis. Beading beading beading!

    The RR is almost finished, the corner Octopus is a little scary so I have postponed it!

    My Mirabilia's are comming along nicely, but I think I would like more time in the rotation with each before moving on. Him... may need to restructure.

    I have decided to try to work exclusively on 1 HAED: "Pretty," 1,000 more stitches have been added.

    And as if my hobbies had not already completely taken over my life, I picked up a Cello yesterday! Apparently I am a much better Cellist than I was a violinest! The Maiden

  2. Sadly I missed a rotation with Sabrina yesterday (against it's future owner's Kristin's advice!). With my favorite boss getting unceremoniously fired last week I have been too stressed to seriously stitch! I did manage a few stitches on my RR for the mother.

    Tonight is The Lovers and I cannot wait to pop in Jane Eyre and stitch to my hearts content! I hope to finish the 4th grided square (each is 600 stitches give or take with beads).

    I also added a few blogs to the list, Stitch a Mirabilia is a fun peruse if you have a few spare minutes, I love all the unique, Epic Round Robbins! The Maiden.

  3. Oh are so very busy!!!! Sorry I missed you at the shop......Love all of your stitching! Do I hear a concert in the future?????

  4. Juls I was very sad you were not in the shop, I miss you, especially since I no longer get updates on Facebook! We should get together soon, isn't your stitch in coming up? How are your HAEDs? I think I am more excited about yours than mine!

    I hope to do a concert in the future, once I can play something more than twinkle twinkle little star! The Maiden