Monday, January 31, 2011

Love Thy Neighbor WIP

Posting as I go...the black outline areas are taking me longer than expected because the fabric is so hard to see I have to do a single stitch at a time...But, if all goes well I will have this done by this coming Sunday (as to start-yet again) another project (I hope). Miss you guys. Mother, post the bears head you said is done, we would like to see the madness! The Crone

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love Thy Neighbor

Started Love Thy Neighbor last Sunday (January 23rd) on 28 count sparrow. It is really hard to photograph and show what it looks like. The Maiden told me I should post soon so we could see the progress before it just was finished. I am done with everything now...working on the border black threads and then the words. I might change the saying...I haven't quite decided. Love you guys.

Also changed DMC 832 to The Gentle Art Avocado 0130
and DMC 724 to Weeks Dye Works Fire 2268.....the colors are so muted in this piece they were just to hard to see.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Heaven and Earth Blog

Will you post the blog that we were looking at with the 50 HAED's. I would like to talk to a "webpage" person to see the logistics. I love it. Thanks. Crone

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Birds of a Feather-Bloom Where You Are Planted

Yahoo..2nd finish in 2011. Bloom Where You Are Planted, as you can see, this can look very different depending on the camera. It is done on 28 count Heritage, which has a great green motteling in the background. I started this project on Saturday and it took me 5 days to complete. So here is the big question-does anyone out there know of similar projects that are about the same size 66W x 65H? I could get use to working on things like this. I didn't want to start a big project when I knew the Round Robin will be showing up any day...VERY HAPPY NOW!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Atlantic Seaboard Sampler by Jeanette Douglas

Found a website with pattern corrections for your project. Says that the symbol for the last roof of the last lighthouse is / which should be 647. Thought I should share. I am going to get online and try and find you that "coin" medalion that is in the pattern. The Crone

Welcome to our blog!

Jules, welcome to hanging out with us on our blog. We love the attention and the comments. I am thinking about giving out some of our "done" patterns for our friends. Since you are one of our only friends I guess that will be you! Let's talk. The Crone (Carol)

Jimmy's Bear is coming along.

Atlantic Seaboard is well on its way

Round Robin done. Will be in the mail tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No cats to post

Since both my stitcher girls are now cat people I just figured I would put a piece of my personality into this upload. My two new framed pieces look fabulous in my antique bedroom/music room. Mother-will you please post the quilts I made for Christmas for the kids. I know I should have done so before sending them on, but I had so much binding to do I didn't really have time between present delivery and working on the computer. Since they were one of the major things I worked on in 2010 I would like to see them. I think that adding all our "crafty" items shows how diverse and wonderful we are. I like us just a little bit. Not really-I love us tremendously. Love you guys. The Crone

Potted Fancy

First finish of 2011! Potted fancy cross stitch has been done for about a week and a half. I will have to go to the old versions to remember what fabric it is done on. It is 28 count (my personal favorite) and I really love it now. The pattern was tough, but sooooo worth it. The Crone


I have completed 12,000 stitches of my Nene Thomas HAED "Pretty." I am so excited to see some of the feathers in her hair outlined and cannot wait to see this page completed. The Maiden


This is the upper right hand corner of glimmer, not much to see yet, but the Crone suggested I post my HAEDs more often for they are so time consuming! Stitched on 25ct yellow lugana, 1 strand DMC over 1. The pinks are a nice change from the blue/greys of Pretty. The Maiden


When Kristen picked this Mirabilia we joked and said it could be a wedding gift (she was single), but now I fear I may run out of time with the appearance of a certain man in her life! With that in mind I started Sabrina, a modest start, but progress. The Maiden

Mother's Arms

I had another good week with this Mirabila at the beginning of the year, you can finally see an arm! I interrupted my momentum with this one when I started the Round Robbin, so she will get put away for a while for when the mood strikes again. The Maiden

Venetian Opulence

Every time I see this piece I want to run home and work on it! This is truely color therapy! I figuered I should post an update since The Mother recently did... still so far to go, but at least the fan is almost done! The Maiden

Spring Queen

This Mirabilia is coming along slowly, although after my work on the HAEDs 40ct no longer seems so challenging! I do love the way she looks with those tiny stitches!The Maiden

Garden Ornament

Here is a quick peak of the quilt I am working on for my Dad (really I just wanted to sneak in a picture of Lane) and the cross stitch I have been working on for The Crone. This was supposed to be a birthday gift for 2010, but one over one on 36ct with overdyed thick threads proved to be a challenge. I had originally planned on doing this one twice, one for me and one for the Crone, but now I see the insanity of this plan. Since I did not finish it in time, I figured a post was in order for the Crone. The Maiden

Four Corners Houses

Mother the Round Robbin is on it's way to you! Mailed off last night, a little late, I am so excited to be done! I will miss this cross stitch, I love the watercolor look created by one strand of overdyed floss. The puppy butt is lighter than the rest, I tried to match the floss, but he kept coming out with that light A**! The Maiden

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lilybet Nightfall

Another one bites the dust!!

La D Da Rain Rain

Done done...complete with framing...hooray!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

I am so excited that 2010 is over I could scream! I hardly ever make resolutions, but I decided that a stitchlution was in order. My goals for 2011 will be:

1. Finish the Round Robbin

2. Complete 2 WIPs (non HAED)

3. Complete one HAED page per month

4. To live by the guideline "for every new start there must be a finish." The Maiden