Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love Thy Neighbor

Started Love Thy Neighbor last Sunday (January 23rd) on 28 count sparrow. It is really hard to photograph and show what it looks like. The Maiden told me I should post soon so we could see the progress before it just was finished. I am done with everything now...working on the border black threads and then the words. I might change the saying...I haven't quite decided. Love you guys.

Also changed DMC 832 to The Gentle Art Avocado 0130
and DMC 724 to Weeks Dye Works Fire 2268.....the colors are so muted in this piece they were just to hard to see.


  1. The picture really doesn't do this one much justice. I think this is perhaps my favorite piece I have worked on. How weird is that? The Crone

  2. In an ideal world, every peice you worked on would be your favorite one yet! I have learned to appriciate each peice for different reasons... except for the cursed mermaid! She is the bain of my stitching existance, if she were not so close to being finished I would have given up by now!

    The fabric is amazing on this piece, but does make it hard to photograph. I love the brighter color substitutions

  3. Took the new picture withg my EOS digital and am getting a better likeness. The man found my camera battery charger so all is well in the world. :)