Monday, January 31, 2011

Love Thy Neighbor WIP

Posting as I go...the black outline areas are taking me longer than expected because the fabric is so hard to see I have to do a single stitch at a time...But, if all goes well I will have this done by this coming Sunday (as to start-yet again) another project (I hope). Miss you guys. Mother, post the bears head you said is done, we would like to see the madness! The Crone


  1. The black outline is my favorite! I cannot wait to see what saying you chose...

    Have you received the RR yet? Will that be your next focus? The Maiden

  2. For both the Mother and the Maiden...I did recieve in the mail today the round robin. I am very excited to begin working on it. The Splendor threads have had some problems with splitting, but other than that it is gorgeous.