Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mermaid of Atlantis

The Curse of the Mermaid Continues! I picked this up again this weekend, for what I hoped was the last time, and was stymied again! I ran out of a krenic and decided in my frustration to use one from my stash that was slightly off and then the pattern substitution I wanted to do (a compass for the coat of arms) would not fit in the space I had left. I flailed around a bit and finally settled on a seahorse substitution, but the colors are all off so I think I am going to have to get creative. Once again I have put this cross stitch aside, but hope to return to it soon, all that is left is the corner element and beading. The Maiden


  1. Some day you will just finish this one and never have to look at it again. That will be great.

  2. I outlined the treasure, and put some more work into the tail and that seams to have appeased me. I have decided to create a "shawdow" seashorse, now the colors are not an issue and I feel like it goes better with the darker theme of the piece.

    A trip to the crosstitch store for some krenick, a day of seahorse, and then I can start beading!

    Once done, I want to look at it often (if I didn't I would have thrown it out by now) as a testiment to my tenancity!

  3. I have a boat load of krenics. i may have the one you need. What is the number?

  4. I already went and bought it, I have absolutely no impulse control! I am finished with the stitching and have begun the backstitching, then it is on to beading! I hate forcing myself to work on it, but I do want a finish so we will see. I did take a night off for Venetian....

    Speaking of impulse control, I just bought a Vanity from 1790!!!! It is amazing and FAR out of my budget, but I have 12 months to pay it off. I fear not many new projects are going to be purchased this year! I thought abuot a stitching lock down, but that just made me want to buy them more!