Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Haunting Mermaid

My finish on the second to the last round robin. I received this on February 2nd and was able to get my part done by the 13th.
I may have to ask the Maiden to do my last round robin for the houses when they arrive. The Haunting Mermaid cross stitch was done on over-dyed linen known as Vintage Sand Dune, 32 count. I like the one-over-one component in the mirror and her mouth. I am glad I had some practice on one-over-one on Rain Rain, so that I would be prepared for this one. I had fun on the 32 count...I don't think it will ever be my favorite, but I did like it a lot. So this is considered a "finish" for me, so I guess I can potentially start yet another project....


  1. What car accident? Are you okay? Call me!

  2. I finished her tail last night, nothing like a RR to jump start your stiching (I was on a week hiatus, The Mortal Instruments series is so distracting!)