Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mirabilia Stitch Along Idea

I like the idea of actually finishing a Mirabilia or two. Talked to the Maiden about the rotation idea. Since I have 5 already in progress that makes the perfect set up. I tried to upload how far I am on each picture but it is bogging down the machine and not really we shall see. I'm not sure how to decide what to do first so maybe some advice on that would be good. I have:
1. Waiting for Ships #35
2. Tree of Hope #109
3. Magnolia Spring Garden-Pixie Couture #133
4. Mediterranean Mermaid #102
5. Summer in My Garden #50

I am least done on #4 and #5...I will try and post some of the images if I can get it to work.


  1. Yeah so excited! As for advice on the rotation...

    I would put your focus piece on a day when you know you will stitch, like Saturday. Tree of Hope would go nicely on Sunday, so you can finish and send to the Mother. I would put Magnolia on a weekday that you are not too busy at work (does that even happen?! ) and then the other two I would put on any day but Monday (to avoid the busiest weekday). Putting the projects that are in their infancy on days where you might miss the night will ensure that you get more done on the projects with a light at the end of the tunnel. Just my thoughts, are you starting today?

    I actually have found that I am much more excited about stitching my Mirablilia's with a rotation, it is fun to see them grow! After last night Sabrina is more than a floating head, which is exciting because I haven't touched her in months. Very motivating.

    Did you notice I took Mother's arms out of the Rotation (since I haven't done the Wed rotation yet) and substitued The Kiss? I'm not sure what possesed me to, but The Kiss is much older and sounded like more fun (plus it is 3/4 of the way stitched!).

    I find I push harder and finish more stiching when I know I will only work on a piece one day that week. The Maiden