Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mirabilia with the least done

Maybe I can get the last two on one as not to steal too much web space from my sister stitchers.


  1. There is plenty of Webspace! The Mermaid will go really quickly you will be surprised. Remeber to substitute the hair color (I used black silk).

    I was thinking of posting progress picks ever 4 weeks (since I am a little posting challenged at the moment).

  2. I like the idea of posting every 4 weeks, that gives me something to shoot for. You can always come over and post at my reason to be posting challenged. I haven't done a stitch today so this might be one of my days off-or not. Ha ha.

    So far I have: Wednesday (Waiting for ships)
    Thursday (Summer garden) Friday...hmmmmm waiting to see.