Friday, September 29, 2017

Beads, Beads, oh those Beads!

 The Center of Rosarium by Chatelaine is completed and ready to be gifted!
 Can we talk about those beads?!
Stitched by the nimble hands of the Mother, who now needs a break from Chatelaine's! You will see a few Halloween SALs as we enter October!
The Maiden

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Spooky has Risen!

 The mother has finished the second chart in the set, only 1 more to go!
I love this so much I may have to stitch it! The Maiden

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sirena Verde

 The smallest of my 17 started Mirabilias, Mermaid Verde, was abandoned after 1 day. She swam back into my view as I was searching the horizon for another way to procrastinate beading the Kiss!
 This was progress day one, all the color changes were unexpected but I love the final look of her hair! The fates seem to know what I need for there is very little kreinik or beading in this one!
I have upgraded my zip lock bags to these fun plastic zipper bags (found at the container store originally but much cheaper on Amazon!) In the corner you can also see where this project was when I picked it up, after 3 years my WIPs still continue to feel like new starts! The Maiden

Got Leaf?

Beading has begun on the center of The Mother's Rosarium by Chatelaine.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Where's the Pie?

 Here it is! (Shameless Supernatural Reference) Stitched on mislabeled 36ct ODLugana Prank. I am so glad this is done, the tiny count made for a not so enjoyable stitch!
 You know you have fallen down the Chatelaine Rabbit Hole when you decide to start adding specialty stitches to WIPs to entertain yourself! Modified eyelets on the boarder anyone? The Maiden

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Break?

While it has been hard to stay motivated to finish my largest project to date, I am finally done with all the cross stitching! For the first time in 3 years I will move on to beading and backstitching!

This section highlighted the difference in my stitching from when I started and now, almost 9 years later! I cringe when I see all those sloppy stitches, as I now railroad every one! I also stitch on a frame now, so the tension is very different and my stitches are tighter.
The Maiden

We Three

The Mother

The Maiden

The Crone
We three have been quite busy as Summer comes to an end! The Mother has almost completed cross stitching the center of Chatelaines Rosarium, I have sought a brief respite from my largest project to date The Kiss with Witch's Pie, and the Crone has produced some mixed media art for your enjoyment!
The Maiden

Thursday, September 7, 2017

A spoon full of...

 The Halloween spirit was officially ushered in yesterday with my first sip of Caramel Apple Cider! I picked up this little recipie to give me a break from my Mira, and laughed when I got to this ingredient!
 I really do use it daily, as my boys have recently started eating a homemade raw food diet! Look at them gobble up that bone dust!
Just when I was about to close my eyes, all threads having been packed away and patterns tucked in, The Mother brought this to my attention: Halloween at Hawk Run Hallow! Needless to say we both pre-ordered it! The Maiden

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Kreinik Kraze!

Another spool of Kreinik down, an emergency run to my LNS over the holiday weekend and now just trying to stay motivated for this last section!

I may have picked up the new Mira while I was there! The Maiden

Monday, September 4, 2017

Chatelaine Parade!

 After years of debate and doubts I have finally started my first Chatelaine the Provence Mandala! 
 My choice was impulsive, I had other designs in mind truth be told, but has turned out to be the perfect introduction as the specialty stitches are not so numerous or intimidating. I converted all solid colored silks to DMC as this is one of the more expensive Chatelaines, and am having some difficulty with the dye lots of the remaining silks (which are the majority!). In areas where my work is "lost" I have had to swap out for DMC, it's quite frustrating!
 The Mother has also started a new Chatelaine, Rosarium as a gift for a retiring co-worker she will stitch the center square! It has completely captivated her and I believe she will start the full mandala for herself next!
 I just love the look the overdyed threads give to the specialty stitches, and those beads!
Finally, a little peak at the corner of Pomarium, the mother's fingers are so quick! The Maiden