Friday, January 21, 2011

Jimmy's Bear is coming along.

Atlantic Seaboard is well on its way

Round Robin done. Will be in the mail tomorrow!


  1. Jimmy must be getting excited that you are working on his bear--it must be huge. I love the sampler (I don't think that the picture can probably do it justice-I can't wait to see it in person.) I have to tell you I am so excited for the Round Robin to come back to me and get my one-over-one on....Arrgghh. It is so beautiful I can't wait till I can get it framed (and the 4 square as well!) Nice.

  2. The Round Robbin looks SO GOOD, I cannot wait to get it in the final rotation! Very haunting.

    I agree the police bear looks huge, what will it's final size be?

    I miss Venetian, will she make it into the rotation any time soon? The Maiden

  3. Mother,
    Important...did you start the mermaid in 2 strands? I will need to know when I get it to begin. I am very excited to see this one finished. So far it looks fabulous.

  4. I did start the mermaid in 2 strands, the rest is done with one. I still haven't mailed it out yet. I have a doctor's appt tomorrow to get my stitches out (WOOHOO!) and I will drop it in the mail while I am out running (crutching) around.