Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

I am so excited that 2010 is over I could scream! I hardly ever make resolutions, but I decided that a stitchlution was in order. My goals for 2011 will be:

1. Finish the Round Robbin

2. Complete 2 WIPs (non HAED)

3. Complete one HAED page per month

4. To live by the guideline "for every new start there must be a finish." The Maiden


  1. Lofty stitchlutions, but attainable. I have several resolutions too. My goals this year are: to lose 25 pounds (and keep it off)... Get our Total Money Makeover on track (Dave Ramsey's book- check it out!)... Continue with my hostile take-over at work (Phase I-take over the training program. Done!)... and get some stitching done... I am back on track with the Round Robin and have made some good headway on Jimmy's Police Bear. My goal is to have Venetian completed by the end of the year.

  2. Hmmmmm, haven't really thought about where to go. I guess I want to get finished projects framed, so my goal will be to frame our round robins, finish Potted Fancy (not a stretch will probably be done within the month) and probably start a sampler (or two). Ha ha. We shall see. The Crone

  3. I am quickly discovering how lofty these stitchlutions are! Eek only one day left to finish my Round Robbin! My HAED page for "Pretty" is coming along, about half done, but poor mothers arms may be neglected for a while, it's a shame I had such a momentum! The Maiden