Monday, January 24, 2011

Heaven and Earth Blog

Will you post the blog that we were looking at with the 50 HAED's. I would like to talk to a "webpage" person to see the logistics. I love it. Thanks. Crone


  1. The blog is called Obsession...Confessions of a serial starter.

    It is my favorite blog by far!

  2. BY the way, I managed to add a "my Blog list" below the About me section on the right. I have placed the blog there since I follow it often! Maiden

  3. I have created a new e-mail moniker for the sake of anonymity. I think this will make commenting easier! The Maiden

  4. I have been exoploring options for our blog, what we want is a Page Widget (with multiple added pages to the one link). It is complicated, but I will try to figure it out. I wish there was a blog book for dummies!

  5. I created a second Blog for all of this HAED madness at the request of Juls from the cross stitch store (who will also post her HAED WIPs). Mother I hope you can join soon with woodpecker tapastry, it will go much quicker than you think. You can add up to 100 authors to a blog that all will be able to post, so this should be fun! The Maiden

    The hyperlink is on the right under MyBlogs:

    Stitching Insanity: A HAED Story