Wednesday, January 19, 2011


When Kristen picked this Mirabilia we joked and said it could be a wedding gift (she was single), but now I fear I may run out of time with the appearance of a certain man in her life! With that in mind I started Sabrina, a modest start, but progress. The Maiden


  1. What is the fabric on this project? It is absolutely gorgeous. I do think this one needs to take priority (wink-wink) :) But don't tell Kristen (just kidding!!) Love it. Talked to the mother tonight and she is working on a very cool sampler from Jeanette Douglas.....very neat.

  2. She mentioned a nautical themed sampler the other night, I would love pictures, but I do not think she is mobile enough for blogging yet. Toe pick!

    (Speaking of nautical themes, if we do another RR for WIPs, I decided the Shores of HRH would be perfect! Just a box or two of course)

    Fabric to come, I blogged from work (on my lunch break) so I was missing information on some of them!

    I think this one may need to be one of the ones I finish this year to fulfill my stitchlution. Sigh, it is still in it's infancy. The Maiden

  3. I love the idea of Hawk Run Hallow...except the fact I want one of my own as well. Geesh, I guess I am really getting pretty greedy in my old age. You should call the framer today and see if she is done with the cash, we should pick it up.

  4. I called Stitchers Paradise to get the number (the very nice new girl who is also stitching a HAED is named Dusty):

    The Framing Studio
    2550 S Rainbow Blvd # E6
    Las Vegas, NV 89146
    (702) 227-0966

    She said she needs another week, the frame has not come in yet and she still has to cut the mat. So excited! Maiden

  5. You could do Autumn at HRH, or even the houses of HRH? We make the rules, you could even submit the Shores of HRH if you wanted. The boxes make it ideal for a Round Robbin, and you would never notice the stitch tension difference (like with the owls). The Maiden