Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Four Corners Houses

Mother the Round Robbin is on it's way to you! Mailed off last night, a little late, I am so excited to be done! I will miss this cross stitch, I love the watercolor look created by one strand of overdyed floss. The puppy butt is lighter than the rest, I tried to match the floss, but he kept coming out with that light A**! The Maiden


  1. I love this round robin...I am just sad that I don't get to keep it. I know, I know, just greedy what can I say. But it is sooooo beautiful...I might have to do one of these myself. I LOVE IT. THE CRONE

  2. You could put it in a future Round Robbin, and we could all stitch different squares to keep it fresh. It would be interesting to see it with 2 strands and on a different fabric (although there is enough fabric to do it again!). The Maiden