Sunday, January 24, 2010

Keeping Busy

While the crone has always owned the four Queens, I have never expressed an interest in them until I came across the Spring Queen in someone else's blog. I knew I had to have her completed and to add a little extra challenge I am cross stitching her on 40ct. There are several things I have learned after the 109 hours I have put into her: to create a blend when only using 1 strand to stitch with you must complete all forward slashes with the darker color and all back slashes with the lighter, all beads must be converted to Petite Beads, and finally that I have joined the crone in needing "extra eyes" for this one. Yes, after several migraines I broke down and now stitch 40ct (and consequently all 1 over 1 projects) with magnifiers. True to my nature they are rinestoned glasses! The Maiden


  1. First and foremost I would like to say, you are out of your mind. On the other hand you are an inspiration....and I love the fact that you now have magnifiers...I refuse, it would make me feel old (HA!) and God knows I'm already feeling it with the discovery of my first 2 grey hairs last week. (heavy sigh)

  2. I was informed of those greys in a text message from your "Man" who said something about being blamed for them. Don't fight the feeling on the magnifiers..otherwise I wouldn't be able to play with you guys at all. And yes-the maiden is out of her mind. She just started a b-day present for me (one over one...something about digging in the dirt)...very cool.