Friday, July 8, 2011

New Bear of a Start

I know I am out of control, but when Heaven and Earth Designs released this new chart by Dahlig yesterday I lost my mind! Within minutes I had purchased it and ran to the cross stitch store after work to get fabric. Alas they were out of the 25ct Lugana I wanted so I will have to wait until Saturday!

The delay did allow for some experimentation however. I am not happy with the way DMC 310(black) looks on 25ct, the white fabric pokes through in the most annoying way! I could do 22ct with 2 strands of DMC, but then she will be huge! 28ct seemed just too small (I am starting to sound like Goldi Locks). So I took out Pretty by Thomas and tried substituting the DMC with silk, and it was just right! The Maiden


  1. She's lovely.... does this mean you'll be starting on Saturday and we'll get to see a pic soon? :D

  2. I agree with your comment about DMC 310 stitched 1x1 on 25-count. When the fabric is close to my eyes like it is when I stitch, the white really does show very clearly among the black stitches. But when I look at my work from a bit further off like I would if it was hanging on the wall, the black areas look just fine, no white shows between them. So I think that in the finished piece on the wall it will be fine, as people probably won't get all that close to it - with my eyesight, the white between the stitches doesn't show at an arm's length from the fabric.

    Looking forward to progress pics on Love!

  3. She's lovely, reminds me of Miss Haversham (sp?) out of Great Expectations, when she was first jilted.
    I know what you mean about the 310, but I also agree with Heli, when you're working close up with it then yes you can see it, but when you look at it as you would on the wall it looks fine. I'm working on 25 for Dragon Rider at the moment and a big chunk of my first page was black (more than half I reckon), so if you want to have a glance at a finished page to see how it looks pop over and have a glance at my blog... I have a feeling you're in America, so it might be a bit far to pop over to have a glance at my actual stitching.
    Anyway, wittering now, she's lovely, I've got a couple that I bought as soon as I see them from HAED, so I understand your problem!

  4. She is so pretty! I can't wait to see pics of your stitching when you start on her! I haven't done a HAED yet, but I am going to have to break down and start one at some point. They have some fabulous pieces of art!

  5. I fully encourage the starting of a HAED, they become much more realistic once you have begun! I FINALLY received my fabric today (I seriously had nightmares about it) and am already 600 stitches in. I travel to Denver, CO in the morning, so She will stay behind for the weekend.

    Dragon Rider is looking amazing, I wish I could pop over and see it, but you are right I am in Las Vegas, NV so it would be a bit of a trip! Off to pack, happy stitching everyone!