Monday, July 18, 2011


This is the start of "Love" by Dahlig, Finally! I am a little over 1,000 stitches (all black silk, love the coverage), a modest start but I was in Denver, CO all weekend visiting my best friend. I did sneak in a few stitches while we were catching up on Harry Potter before the last movie was released.

Page 3 of "Pretty" by Thomas is started! I worked on her a bit this weekend as well while I waited for my fabric to arrive. This is my second Hermit and Stitch Weekend and I am so excited to see everyone's progress on the Random Ramblings blog! The Maiden


  1. Oh, your black section reminds me of all the 939s and black I had to stitch on Metamorphosis.... happy memories.... not. LOL!!! It looks great and can't wait to see the next WIP on it.

    Pretty looks pretty. :D

  2. Your black silk covers excellent!! Love your "Pretty" also! One day I will do something other than my Chatelaines I am addicted to, lol!!

  3. A thousand stitches all in black - I am impressed! the coverage is excellent. Look forward to seeing this one grow and grow

  4. Very nice progress. Now I have to go look up Love, lol. I have the seven deadly sins, and I love her stuff!!