Thursday, September 16, 2010

Round Robin.......yummmmmm.

Here is my picture. Please note that all I have managed to accomplish is adding to the leaf (and the only reason that is done is because I worked a graveyard shift and was taking a break from all of the other things I should have been doing). I miss you and love you.
So this is my schedule for September, and October isn't looking too much better. Reagan has a test with a vision specialist this afternoon and the testing will take about an I will be bringing my Round Robin along. I am hoping to get some stitches in.


  1. I am so excited to see this posted! I must admit I was less excited to see your schedule, there really is no room for stitching! Ah the life of a newly-wed!

    I am amazed you have time to sleep! Lately I have been forgoing sleep to stitch, I have hit a groove with my Thanksgiving piece and am ignoring all else! I really should switch to the RR owls, but when you are on a roll...

    I have taken my little stitching obsession to a new level and have decided that in order to put our blog on the map we need a Heaven and Earth Design. I have narrowed my selection down to a few and since I probably will only be able to finish one in this life time I need to really think about what to start. I would like to get my WIP well below 24 before starting a new one, so I am happily ordering patterns from HAED and will make a decision some time in Jan 2011 (note the one pattern I have recieved is 99 pages long all over one! I am leaning towards Nene Thomas, she is my favorite designer)

    Not much else to report. Kristen is in town and staying with me (one of our friends is getting married on Sat) so I have not had much time for stitching.

    There is also the little distraction of Bones (the TV show I just bought all 4 seasons of) and the new Hunger Games book that is begging to be read! Miss you! The maiden

  2. Your schedule looks obscene...but I understand. Do you want to change our Round Robin to every two months? That would be OK with both myself and the maiden-whatever is more convenient for you...since you are the one with five children now! Your Round Robin looks amazing-the colors are great. The HAED thing the maiden is talking about is wild-this I have zero desire to accomplish in my life time-actually I don't even think I could accomplish one in my lifetime. I will be happy just to finish what I have (if that ever happens either)...I really miss you. Let me know what the doc says about Reagan...and give Reilley a big birthday kiss for us.