Monday, August 2, 2010

The Stitches that connect us

The Crone and I have been discussing a Round Robbin. I like the idea of the 3 of us working on a bigger project to accomplish something beautiful. Traditionally something already broken up into squares would be best, but I have 2 projects I would like to submit for consideration: Skeleton Crew (Cross Eyed Cricket) or My Lady's Garden (Mirabilia). They would be difficult, but the Crone already has everything we would need to complete the projects and she talks about them often! Thoughts? Votes? The Maiden


  1. I was just sent a link to ebay for "My Ladies Garden" and was discussing the idea of having Rennie maybe start it so I could get rolling. But I must admit, I would want to keep this one in my "Stuff" when we were done-greedy yes, but SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO want this one. I would gladly give any project I have to the cause (including any you would like me to purchase instead-such as the "nautical" one from Carriage House. many decisions-I do like the idea of the squares, might make it easier in a round robin.

  2. I was thinking you would keep the My Lady's Garden when we were finished with it (you did buy the materals and it is your favorite!) We could do more round robbins in the future for Rennie and I. Squares could make it easier, but I have decided I want to do the nautical one from Carriage house myself, I was even thinking a trip to the cross stitich store may be in order,My turn to be selfish (he, he)! (strange my sudden fixation with nautical patterns, I wounder what that means? )

    If we like boxes we could do the Autumn Carraige House? I would also like to submit the seasonal squares we have been drawn to lately (on the rack in the front of the store, the winter one has a white peacock.... who is that by?) To many fun ideas, we need the mother to weigh in, she must be distracted by her recent nuptuials! The Maiden

  3. Promotion. Check
    Married to the love of my life. Check
    Round Robin. Just let me know what to start.

    I think if we all pick a project that we want to keep....then we could each start when we are done...we all get to keep one.

    We will be in Las Vegas Thursday night. I can't wait to see you. Love and Miss you more than you know.

  4. testing..just lost the whole thing I wrote

  5. OK-I think that we should choose 3 projects each..not to do 9 projects but to have a majority on the ones we wish to do. I like the idea of making one for each person. The reason for three is because (as you know) if a project doesn't flow for you it is harder to a group consensus on what the project should be makes more sense. Also-I think that we should try and find projects that are relatively the same stitch count. For example 112x112 (only an example) that way they should take about the same amount of time to do..just a thought.

  6. I agree. Each one of us should get an entry in the round robin, to be chosen tonight, and they should be equal in size and something we would all want to work on for motivational sake! I think The Mother already has her ideas churning on the Rules of the Robbin, thankfully she will be here in a few hours. The Maiden.

  7. I am so excited about our date at the Stitchers Paradise tonight I can hardley stand it. I want the Shores of HRH so bad it is all I can think about. I hope I can get away with only half a yard of fabric, but I am unsure. I have decided to go with 32ct-36ct linen for my own sanity (it calls for 40ct, but I think I will never finish it with such a cumbersome count).

    I would love an overdyed Lugana... here's hoping!

    I priced the needle point silks, It will cost around/over $150.00! They are more subtle than the DMCs and make the project look more antique, but I am not sure my budget can handle that at the moment! Sigh, decisions decisions...

  8. Silks are really nice, but I'm not too sure about $5.00 per skein...eeeek.