Thursday, August 19, 2010

Potted Fancy

Started this one..this is by far the worse pattern I have ever seen. The symbols must have been hand drawn..they are all smudged and are microdot small. I am using my jewelers cheaters and still can't tell which symbol is is truly a guessing game. The other sad part is the inaccurate color pattern...the bird looks almost turquoise on the pattern (which is what I wanted) and it is completely gray. I switched to another blue but that may not get it done either. Oh well-you might see this one you might not.
The Crone (yes I sound Cranky-but I was so looking forward to this new project!)


  1. I would be a Cranky Crone too if I had the same disappointing start! I do not think I have stitched anything by Notforgotten Farm, but maybe now I will stay away (and you debated for days on which new one to start!)

    I think changing the bird color was a good call, you will be happier. Maybe you could use the magnetic chart magnifier for the symbols? I have often though of getting one (and it will keep your place for you!).

    I know how upsetting it can be when a project is wrought with challenges and is not what you expected, but take it from me KEEP STITCHING it or it will languish in the land of UFOs!

    It would have been so much easier to finish the cursed mermaid a year ago, or 2 mermaids ago, had I not stopped! The project has lost all of its original appeal. I had to take another break, the dark fabric gave me a migraine! The Maiden

  2. The maiden looked at the pattern tonight (with her young eyes and then with the jewelers cheaters) and still could not make out what the symbols are supposed to be. I may have to take this one in to Gina at Stitcher's Paradise and decipher it with the one they have stitched on the wall. Very disappointing. Love the picture, just can't read that darn directions.

  3. My young eyes were no match for that pattern! The symboks are too small, distorted, similar, smudged....

    I went cross eyed just thinking about it! I would rather do one over one on 40ct! The Maiden

  4. I haven't gotten that sick as of yet...eeekk one over one on is for the young.