Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Round Robin Revision

Can we maybe consider revamping the round robin rules to allow posts before a project is completed...I think it will help me with my motivation.
I am having a hard time getting through my first square of the mermaid.


  1. Should we post before every rotation? One square = one post would help with motivation I think (and I wouldn't feel like we have nothing to post as we work on the round robin's). Crone what do you think? Maiden

    The last post should still be done by the owner I think...

  2. I am game if you are game for posting between round robins. I know it is strange working on a project that you haven't picked out for yourself. I think it would be good, and that way we could see the progress as we go. My vote is yes! The maiden will have to show the owls I finished my part..and the mother will have to show the house done by the maiden. When all else, post, post.