Friday, August 6, 2010

Lilybet Nightfall Complete-yeah!

I know that both of you have seen this complete, but since this was a WIP and now is finished I felt I MUST post it out of necessity. Plus I will probably post again once it is framed.
I like our discussion this evening of the events for the "Round Robin". The mother thinks we should only see the "piece" we are completing so that we will have a surprise when all is together. I do offer this...since we will only do one project at a time (thinking of the smaller ones)-I will professionally frame our first three-my gift to my fellow lovely stitchers. Love you guys.


  1. P.S. I sooooo love our blog! The Crone

  2. The fabric on this is perfect, I love the motteling (it makes me think of the early orange hours of morning!) It matches Leaping Cat so well, they were made for each other (my favorite part is the small black cat).

    I am so confused, I do not know which small project to do! Thank goodness I have some time, I'm sure it will find me.

    I like the idea of not seeing the entire peice until it is complete, did you chose your project yet? I am so excited to get started, let the Robbin Begin!