Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have been toying with the idea of stitching a project for one of my closest friends Kristen, but I couldn't find the right one. I finally gave up and asked Kristen to chose one the next time she was in Las Vegas, but she was so excited she called me several hours later and asked if I would stitch Sabrina by Mirabilia!

I purchased this project last December for The Mother's Christmas gift and could not resist buying one for myself, oddly it is the only one I had kitted and never started (must have been meant for Kristen).

The thought of yet another large project is a little scary, but I would love to see her stitched so I started her 3 days ago. I will post as soon as I make some decent progress. The Maiden


  1. I love her...the idea of all of that white is what stopped me from picking her over "Venetian". I cannot wait to see the progress. So how may WIP's are you up to now?

  2. Is there a number of projects (WIP's) that goes from being healthy all time good time stitching to being considered an obsession and possibly frightening? Just curious.

  3. This cross stitch looks so much like Kristen that I couldn't think of a better one to choose for her. Good luck on all the white.

  4. It is perfect for Kristen I am very excited! If I get bored with the white I will just jump to Venetian for a color fix!

    I think my WIPs have reached an unhealthy level, it is a sickness really.

    Hello, I am the maiden and I am a stitch-a-holic. Admitting you have a problemm is the first step.

  5. I love you ladies!!! Thanks Maiden for even attempting to stitch such a large and beautiful piece for me! You are one my longest and truest friends! I can't wait to see you. (sorry I don't have anything cross stitch related to post)-Dero