Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tree of Hope Canopy Complete 8/3

I must admit that I have some real "frogging" areas on this one. Because it is so abstract you can't really tell (thank goodness), but by the time I finish the bird I should be back on the right track again. I do love this piece..I actually am dreading working on the "ladies" that accompany it..I think I may have to switch to some type of botanicals in my future (go figure!) The Crone


  1. At the rate you are going, botanicals may be a good idea! This is just a ridiculous amount of stitching, I think you may be able to get it done before school starts. The people are tiny and the dresses look fun, so maybe it will not be so bad? The Maiden

  2. I saw this pattern and fell in love with it too! I can't believe you are doing it and really really want to see the finished piece. BEAUTIFUL!