Thursday, August 26, 2010

Maiden's WIP list

1. Common Ground Sampler
2. Mermaids of the Deep Blue
3. Mermaid of Atlantis
4. Enchanted Mermaid
5. Merry X-Mas (one over one)
6. A Sheltering Tree
7. Tall Seasons
8. Venetian Opulence
9. Spring Queen
10. Hope
11. The Dreamer
12. Rest and be Thankful
13. Lilac
14. The Kiss
15. Night Creatures
16. Nice Clean Dirt 2x (one over one)
17. Sleepy Hallow
18. Mother's Arms
19. Sabrina
20. Shores of Hawk Run Hallow

Round Robbin Entries
21. 4 Corner Houses
22. Outrageous Owls
23. A Haunting Mermaid

My Goals (revised) for the remainder of 2010 will be to keep up with the Round Robbin, finish both of the Nice Clean Dirt's and Mermaid of Atlantis, complete a square of HRH every month, make some progress on Sabrina, and NO MORE STARTS!!! The Maiden


  1. I knew you had all these projects but I didn't know that you had started all of them. So is that right? You have even started Sleepy Hollow?

  2. Sadly they are ALL started. I still have an interest in them all, but I want them now (and have others waiting to begin)! I think what will happen is that I will jump around on many for the next year not finishing anything and then have a year when I get a whole group finished. We will see...

    I hope I can stick to my self imposed no new projects for the rest of 2010.

    Sleepy Hallow only has one night in, a few stitches on the Tree.

    Common Ground is the same. $200 in silks and it is the hardest pattern I have seen, I decided to postpone that one untill I had less projects and more experience.

    I have been thinking of working on Rest and be thankfull as of late, Mermaid of Atlantis is very close, but I am in more of a Thanksgiving mood.

    The Shores of HRH sneeks into the rotation every few days, that will be done in a year! The Maiden

  3. I forgot to add #24. "Sleeping Beauty" by Mirabilia. I have a few days into that project, but then I thuoght the "The Dreamer" would be more fun. Ah, I will have them both some day...
    I started Sleeping beauty on a blue fabric, but then I saw her done on a crystal fabric and have been entertaining thoughts of starting over. It would require 1/2 yard, and for the cost I better stick with what I have. The Maiden

  4. I know that you found having so many projects (once in writing) a little daunting. But knowing will all come together. I saw a saying on a sampler today by Annick Abrial that says, "Stitch by Stitch Time Flies and Passion Dawns." I thought that pretty fitting for the girl with 20+ projects. Crone

  5. I think that should be my new motto!

    How is this for sick, while searching my ENTIRE house for the missing pattern to Night Creatures I discovered that I had already bought the necessary crystal fabric to start Sleeping Beauty over! Sick, just sick (I think it is the same fabric you bought for Deads Man chest). Maiden