Saturday, October 2, 2010

Round Robin Round 2 Complete...

I am most happy to report that my second round robin piece is now complete. I have a few places where I went from a single thread to a double to see h0w much you would be able to tell the difference. I think we will have to stick with one thread all around the margins, and when we get to the mermaid we can make her two strands. I am very excited about this, because I get to keep it, and two, because the stitching goes pretty fast..and three (this is when you can hear Jason Stackhouse speaking-you might get that might not.) Anyway and three because after going back to school I have been worried if I could keep up my end of the bargain on my parts to get far so good. I love you guys, The Crone


  1. I cannot wait to start working on this one! Maiden

  2. Hey there Maiden,
    Do you want me to send the "snap frame" with this so that you can see what that is like to work on? I will gladly loan you the one I have for this project if you would like. Let me know. Mother (I can bring it over today 10/12 if you would like.)I also have the Mother's address you will need for shipping.

  3. I do need the address (man I am cutting it close, I think I got a little cocky after I finished my last rotation so quickly!). I hope to send off tomorrow, and I think I would like to try the snap frame, I wonder if it will make me quicker? I have more hope for it than the scroll frame (it was just to big and cumbersome) and you mentioned they were easier to handel. Maiden

    Does anyone want my largish scroll frame?

  4. Just bring the largish scroll frame to my house and we will add it to the plethora of scroll frames that live in the large basket on my living room floor. :) If the mother wants it then we will take it with us in November so she can have an extra for her large Mirabilia projects she has going at one time. I must buy some new snap frames as well because I am taking one project out and then adding another, and not finishing much of anything. Eeek.