Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Round Robin Dos

2 new Owls join the pack! Is it me, or does the green one look a little afraid of the red one who is poking him in the eye? He,he. I have a total of 7 days into this rotation, and I must say it took longer than expected (I am the slowest backstitcher ever, but man what a difference it made!) I baked chocolate chip cookies after the last stitch was in to celebrate.

I also have a new self imposed bedtime, 10:00pm, to try to stave off the effects of sleep deprivation and I am not amused to what this is doing to my stitching! Oh well, in a few days I will start the mermaid piece and I am looking forward to all those silks! The Owls are on their way to you Mother! The Maiden


  1. I think I am gaining a whole new level of respect for Glendon Place...and they are the kings of the backstitch. I think you are right about the owl being afraid...maybe we should decide which one of those owls represent each one of us...The mother, the maiden or the crone. I will wait till the third set is done and then tell you which ones I think. Great job, and yes it did get done on time. I will be recieving a new work in progress soon from the mother..guess my new "Summer In My Garden" will get put on the backburner for a month. Love you guys.

  2. I received the owls yesterday afternoon, and just by happenstance it is my day off today!! SOOOO, I believe there will be some stitching done. I haven't had a chance to do much of anything lately, just took a two week first line supervisor class with my nemesis at work (that was fun) not to mention it put me 2 weeks behind everything at work. ohmmmmmm ohmmmm ohmmmm. okay I'm sorry, all better now.