Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just a note...

After looking over our blog here at 3:36 AM, I think I am missing Hawk Run Hallow. Will that end up in the rotation any time soon? My Potted Fancy has had a few stitches thrown in it in the last week (maybe 25)...but not enough. It can't compare to the 800 being done on the HAED of the Maiden, but boy is it stunning already! Miss you guys, the Crone.


  1. I am missing Hawk Run Hallow as well, the shores call! I think that will come back into the rotation once the round robbin is complete (I have one set of eyeballs left on the Owls, which I hope to finish tonight and then I can mail it off!).

    My plan is to try to work one project on nights when I do not want to stitch my HAED (this is the plan, but I have not hit a night yet that I do not want to stitch my HAED!) I got another 400 stitches in last night, so I am hoping to post the first completed page in 2 weeks or so. I find the HAED a much easier stitch than my other projects, oddly.... The Maiden

  2. Yes, that seems odd, but with the one over one that seems to be flowing. I actually thought about going for threads to Stitchers Paradise and finally realize that I am so beyond out of control I can't even stand it. Wow-what an epiphany right? :)