Saturday, October 16, 2010

New obsession of the week

I am starting the garden series with summer as my first attempt. I am using a carnival 28 count which is in pinks and some purples from "Picture this plus". The first leaves you can not see on the fabric so I am kind of freaking out about that. Actually I decided to start the picture from the bottom because I thought I might miscount going from the top line to start of the tree. Who knows if that will make it any easier. Also, this makes me appreciate your Mirabilia (Mother) with the outline first, I think I have counted the 180 across the bottom about 6 times now. Love to you guys.


  1. It is raining so hard in Las Vegas I thought for a moment it might be hail! The sound puts me in the mood to write and I find myself taking a quick peak at the blog before I shut down my computer (typing in the dark as the lightening fills my apartment has been quite interesting).

    No HAED posting yet, but I am only 1000 stitches away! The clouds mirror those outside my window and I am immensly grateful I did not omit the background.

    I am sorry to hear that your new project is giving you so much trouble Mother, with so many others to chose from why spend time on one that frustrates? This is the reason Mernaid of Atlantis sits unfinished...

  2. I am thinking that exactly. I did count my works in progress this evening and there are 8. That didn't quite sound as intimidating as I would have originally thought. I am also thinking about ditching the biscournu all is pretty but way too much hassel factor for a project when I have so many others I would like. There has been hail here and Button barked for about 3.5 straight hours..arrgghh. I went outside and picked it up and it was the size of small grapes..pretty neat stuff. The mother says the round robin has been sent and should be here tomorrow or the next day, so I won't have to worry about my own works in progress any time soon, at least for the next month or so. Goodnight ya.