Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cursed CrossStitch

Here lies my next project....
This is the first Mermaid I began and it has sat untouched for almost a year as I completed 2 others. The Crone Supplied the pattern and the threads and inspired by the Mermaids of our circle I decided to give it a shot. This project is far from an easy stitch, there are multiple color changes in very small areas. After completing the fish and the light I began the bouquet and discovered that a Krenic the project called for did not exist. Frustrated I jumped around a bit until finally giving up and abandoning the project. I returned to it a few days ago in my frenzy to complete the multitude of projects I have started and the frustration continues. I have posted the project in the state I found it and will post again in a week. I have since completed her hair, but after pulling the final color (it was a waterlily that was fuchsia), replacing it with a blend, pulling it again, replacing it with a substitute, pulling it again and finally realizing that it was the brown DMC that I did not like I gave up. The picture shows dark hair, not brown with fuchsia highlights! I will replace the colors but need the experts advice so off to the cross stitch store I go. Maybe if I pick up the beads I will be motivated to continue working on the project... The Maiden

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  1. This is the pattern that started my obsession with Mirabilia. I will stitch her someday... although I have several other projects lined up first. It's amazing how different the fabric looks in the picture.