Sunday, March 7, 2010

Missing you guys...Mother

Is there any further development on Venetian Opulence? Please Post. OK Maiden..with now 13 projects going can we see one or two in progress W.I.P? Missing looking at our postings...know we are all crazy busy these days.


  1. Funny you should mention postings as I no longer have internet access! My sister decided to violate the copy right law and I have had to cancel the internet for the next 2 months to protect myself! The next time I am at the Crone's I will bring two exciting peices to photograph: a small peice I started and finished this weekend and an update on the Mermaid of Atlantis which I am slowly getting more excited about now that I have given up on the hair (I am almost to the half way mark!).

    Even more excited is the other project I started this weekend "Sleepy Hallow," by glendon place (yes, I have lifted the ban on new projects as a reward for begining my MCAT prep)! A little troublesome was the note in the pattern that read "a generous amount of backstitching" it is a damn good thing I really want this project!

    More to come, I better go my lunch break is over. The Maiden

  2. Also funny...(well not really). the mother board on our computer is fried. So I had to "borrow" Reilley's computer to access the internet while the Geek Squad does it's best to retrieve all of our files from the other one. I have made some progress on "Venetian", the arch is done down a hundered stitches and her head and face are soon as I get the computer back from the warranty place I will post. Love and miss you guys!!!!!
    ~The Mother