Saturday, February 20, 2010

Easter Parade

Stitched on 32ct OD Linen, color is Legacy. This piece reminds me of the only surviving gift my biological father gave to me. I received a pink bunny with large floppy ears when I was four and promptly named it Carol (seriously). I dragged my bunny Carol everywhere, and she has the stitch marks and fading to prove it! Just in time for Easter I present Easter Parade by Blackbird Designs. The Maiden


  1. What are the names of the silks that you used on Easter Parade? It is great. Bring it over and we will go find a good frame for it. Let the framing begin.

  2. So this one took you what? A half-hour? You are an amazing cross stitching machine and I envy you. Now I have to post my WIP (works in progress) since I have nothing completed.

  3. ....or I would if I could find my camera. It is MIA at the moment.