Sunday, December 5, 2010

Round Robin Extention

I need to formally request a 30 day extention on the Round Robin for this month. I am in an intermediate instructor development class, and have to write a lesson plan and task analysis. Plus we are in the process of rewriting the internal policies and procedures at work (fun stuff-BLAH) and with working a random swing shift/graveyard schedule, to tell you the truth when I am home, it is all I can do to drag myself out of bed, much less get in a few stitches. I hope this doesn't put a huge glitch in the system, but I will have it done by January 15th.
Thank you. Love You. Miss You


  1. I was actually thinking of requesting a formal extension as well! I have been very distracted by quilting (I am working on 3 commissioned quilts and since I now have "quilt backers" I feel obliged to actually complete them!), the completion of Rest and be Thankful (pictures will follow when my home internet is restored), and the continued progress of my HAED's. I have also recently picked up Sabrina and find it disturbing to interrupt a project when it has a good momentum.

    Jan 15 sounds good to me! The Maiden

  2. I have no problem with an extension till January either. The house is completely torn apart in order to do the repipe work from a class action suit against our builder. I can't even get to a needle more or less find a project as this point. I too am doing the Christmas rush to get the grandkids quilts done and sent your way Mother. So-love to all, and I really REALLY miss you guys.